Company philosophy

“to protect quality” – our brand name’s promise brings us to the point that motivates us, namely the long term quality protection of sensitive and high grade ingredients by our MIRON violet glass!

To reach this target, MIRON violet glass continuously invests in the further development of measuring methods that substantiate and help us understand the influence that different packaging has on the quality of stored products.

Our company also researches, in cooperation with external partners, optimized compositions and production methods for industrially produced violet glass. Bottles, cosmetic jars, wide neck jars, oil-, water-, wine- and pharmaceutical bottles belong to the assortment. Besides this we also have a large assortment of accessories like lids, screw caps, pumps, pipettes and vertical drippers.

With our high quality products we contribute to the success of our clients.

Our work ethic is shaped by quality and passion. Our approach towards clients, distributors and colleagues is based on mutual respect, attentiveness and sustainability.